Mark Moulin (see also Placebo)
Kozmigroov Albums
Sam' Suffy [Counterpoint, 1975/96]
Top Secret [Blue Note, 2001]
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Marc Moulin had previously led a jazz/rock combo called Placebo in the early 70s-- this was his first solo lp, recently reissued by Counterpoint Records in the UK. Despite all whining to the contrary, Sam' Suffy is prototypical trip-hop: in particular, the second side, "Tohubohu", is a darkly beautiful downtempo excursion, augmented by a field recording of a conversation between a flugelhorn and hippopotamus (!) The first side reminds me more of Weldon Irvine, although maybe more European in direction (Philip Catherine and Jasper Van't Hoff guest on separate tracks.) [DW]

Top Secret is a mixed bag of downtempo jazz treats and sweet-sounding rhythmic forays into the dark of night. With this recording, Marc Moulin craftily blends the sound of processed sexy vocals and collages them against the sounds of muted trumpets, congas, guitars, and lively trap drumming. This work comes alive with a jazz flavor, one that seems to have been used by a variety of performers and producers, but one that is uniquely Marc Moulin. Top Secret is a journey through the kaleidoscopic sound world of 1960s bossa jazz with a taste of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and George Duke.Marc Moulin's Top Secret seems to be half downtempo 1990s chill recording, and half contemporary jazz, which makes an interesting fusion. This is an interesting recording and one that certainly breathes new life into the genre of acid jazz, or downtempo music. All in all, a fantastic disc. [Matt Borghi]

See also : Placebo (this Belgian band from the seventies is also listed on Kozmigroov).
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Marc Moulin "Placebo Sessions 1971-1974"
Counterpoint 1999