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Miles Away: The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percusion Ensemble [Stones Throw, 2010]
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Before 'Miles Away' Madlib also put out two EP's as The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percusion Ensemble. I believe they are still available digitally from Stones Throw. They are each about 3/4 hour long. If the album sounds like each track was edited down from a longer session, they each EP sounds like it is one of those originating sessions. They are titled 'Fall Suite' and 'Summer Suite'. Allegedly there are two more to follow, but they were put out in 2009 and I haven't seen any sign of the last two.

Miles Away - A mad mix of spaced out jazz funk from Madlib working here in a style closer to his benchmark Yesterday's New Quintet mode of forward looking band-based grooves but also taking it even further and into deeper realms! The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble finds 'Lib & co paying homage to a universe of late 60s & 70s soul jazz and fusion funk influences, as well as some more modern practitioners with tracks dedicated to Horace Tapscott, Phil Ranelin, Roy Ayers and others some covers and others composed by Madlib. Madlib is a character whose ambition knows no bounds, and also one of the rare modern masters whose productivity is to be cherished as busy as he is, we're never disappointed with the output rather than spreading himself too thin, he brings a range of material that rolls from dust funk & hip hop grit to far out funk jazz percussion gems like this one! Madlib presides over a cast of players (be they living-breathing folks or Madlib alter egos) that lay down loads of drums & percussion, piano, Moog, Rhodes, guitars, bass, sitar, vibes and more.