Airto Moreira
Kozmigroov Albums
Natural Feelings [Cobblestone, 1970]
Seeds On The Ground [Cobblestone, 1971]
Free [CTI, 1972]
Fingers [CTI, 1973]
Virgin Land [Salvation/CTI, 1974]
Identity [Arista, 1975]
Promises of the Sun [Arista, 1976]
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Seeds On The Ground was once partnered with Natural Feelings on a 2lp called The Essential Airto.  It's a damned impressive set, featuring Airto, Flora, Hermeto, Sivuca, Ron Carter and, on Seeds..., Dom Um Romao and Severino de Oliveira.  My favourite moments are "Terror" (sounds like a Brazilian Popol Vuh), "Xibaba" (also recorded for Donald Byrd's Electric Byrd the same year, but this one has an absolute killer of an organ breakdown played by Hermeto) from NF, and, well, the entire second half of Seeds On The Ground. [DW]

Airto's unique Brazilian fusion style meets the electric funky genius of CTI -- and the result is a killer album of long tracks with a far-reaching jazzy groove! The album takes off a bit from Airto's work with Return To Forever -- no surprise, since Chick Corea and Flora Purim are on the record -- but the set's also got the choppy modal groove that you'd expect from work by other CTI artists like Hubert Laws, Joe Farrell, Ron Carter, and Stanley Clarke, all of whom are on the album. Most tunes are quite long and free-flowing