Ramsey Lewis
Kozmigroov Albums
Another Voyage [Cadet, 1969]
Upendo Ni Pamoja [Columbia, 1972]
Funky Serenity [Columbia, 1973]
Sun Goddess [Columbia, 1974]
Solar Wind [Columbia, 1974]
Don't It Feel Good [Columbia, 1975]
Salongo [Columbia, 1976]
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Ramsey's flagship Kosmigroov piece:
"Brazillica" from the album "Salongo"
[Karsten Marshall]

I Have Close To 500 Albums In My Collection But This One I'm Trying To Find.
[Michael Worsley]

Ramsey Lewis's Don't it feel good is available now...check Circuit City's website

I'll Always Dream About You should be added.

Also, I've been looking for a digial version of Don't Cry For Me Argentina off the "Ramsey" album. I have the LP, but it's too scratchy for a clean digital conversion.

This listing is a tad too short. Do check his "Eternal journey" track ! (Can someone confirm if it's on the "Maiden voyage" lp indeed ?)
[(pv) [uzine]]

Of course, "Juaacklyn" is featured on the 'Love Songs' album, yet why in the world did they leave out the original beautiful keyboard intro?
[Keith Welch]

I am 50 years old and I my intro to RL was when I got Solar Wind..I played it till it died..my favourite of all time. looking for a CD desperately but to no avail...please reissue Solar Wind.

I am 50 years old and I my intro to RL was when I got Solar Wind..I played it till it died..my favourite of all time. looking for a CD desperately but to no avail...please reissue Solar Wind.

"Don't It Feel Good" is finally available on CD!!! It's been re-issued by Wounded Bird Records.

I just saw where Ramsey Lewis is going to be in Atlanta on November 10th at the Ferst Center at GA Tech. Rare chance to see the legend live!

Add my moniker to the list of crazies who really want this album on CD. Besides, I think it would make a great after-theme for the up-coming Spiderman 3 movie!("What's the Name do This Funk? Spiderman". Yeah,Baby!!)

I have laways loved this album. I bought it when it first came out. I put it on a cassette in 1976. I wish that they would release it again on a CD. Let's send massave e-mails to Columbia records and ask them to release it again.
[Ken E. Belleville, IL]


if you are into ramsey lewis music this is a must have album. my dad turned me on to ramsey when i was just a squirt in the mid 60's. i started buying his albums in the early 70's. i've got the long play and now i want the cd, along with salongo and any other of his 70's albums. there is a big market just waiting to be tapped. c'mon...
[marc harland - grayling, mi]

I just sent a letter to Ramsey's official website. I've been wondering for some time who recorded the melody that Tupac used for "I ain't mad at ya." I think it may have been from that "Don't it Feel Good" album by Ramsey and ya all are on point!!! That album was the "Shiznit!"
[Stephen G]

i cant beleive it i just cant im 45 years old and this album without a doubt would melt a grown man in to butter especaily if he was in love,please please any with a copy of the album in any format it dosent matter mail me a copy to 324 beechwood lane stone mountain ga 30087 name is hollywood no is 404-866-7530 lets talk

1975, Don't It Feel Good, by Ramsey Lewis...I particularly wanted to find that album/cd for the rendition of "That's the Way of the World."...I also liked the selection "Spiderman."
[John JC Jones]

i too have been looking for a while for something that i thought perhaps i'd imagined(don't it feel good?). i'm 2 months from 50 and am amazed that persons my age and older in the album/cd business with huge collections of that era have never heard of it. thanks for being here.

Upendo, Funky Serenity and Sun Goddess are all solid albums. Ramsey got more Kozmic as the seventies reached their mid period apex. Also worth checking is the Solar Wind LP from 1974 with some nice strpped down mellow Rhodes grooves, mixed with funky acoustic piano tunes. I love the man!

HELP Can't find the album/cd Ramsey Lewis ~ Don't It Fell Good?

Jauuckyn is featured on the new CD "Ramsey Lewis" Love Songs. So is "Something bout You".

Christ! I could just Cry! I'm So Glad 2 Learn that I'm not the Only 1 in the Universe who Loves the Ramsey Lewis album, 'Don't It Feel Good'
[Keith Welch]

I have been trying to find "Don't it feel good" for a couple of years now. It's depressing to hear that it is not on CD. "Jauclyn"(sp) and "Something 'bout you" were just to of the great songs from the album. Man do I miss it!

I finally converted my "Don't It Feel Good" lp into a CD. Although it crackles just a little, I am happy to say it still sound great in my car!

I have, also, been looking for "Don't it feel good" for years. I had a worn out album that was all but unplayable. Today I bought another LP on EBay. I'm going to try and have it converted to CD. Any ideas???

Maybe Columbia will take pity on us and print a limited order.
[Perry Nichols]

I would have to agree, it is very disappointing, not being able to find this Album on CD. It is the quintissential Funk-Jazz album of the early to mid seventies. I'll hold on to my hissy, pathetic cassette copy as long as I can.

"perfect Vinyl copy huh???
I wore out 3 of these albums..
Still w8n on that CD though

After sitting here for over an hour bugging my daughter about this album, I thought for a min, it didn't exist. Um...I'm glad to find out that it did and sorry it's not available. I wish someone would re-issue it.
[Tootsie Malone]

I was shocked to find that "Don't it feel good" is not available on CD. This is one of the most impressive Ramsey Lewis jams of the 70's. Although I have a perfect vinyl copy somehow it won't fit my car cd player.
[Mkubwa Hanberry]

It's criminal the "Don't It Feel Good" is not available on CD. I enjoyed this album better than "Sun Goddess" which ain't half bad. All those who know, let's lobbby to get this album put on CD. The universe will not be in balance until this happens!