Jonathan Lomax / Nicholas Wrigley
Kozmigroov Albums
Suns [Oro Neese, 1998]
Land Of Ham [Oro Neese, 1998]
Lord Of An Unerring Bow [Oro Neese, 2000]
Piiiiii Piiiiii [Oro Neese, 2000]
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From the UK improv duo of Jonathan Lomax (piano, harmonium) and Nicholas Wrigley (percussion, tamboura), Suns suggests the influence of Sun Ra's freer keyboard stylings as well as the spiritual approach of Alice Coltrane, with six similar themes explored from different angles. The added density arising from overdubbed harmonium on "Dezoezo" is particularly elevating. There's a considerable level of communication here, although Jonathan could occasionally use greater confidence in his piano runs. This is resolved on the Land of Ham ep, with Lomax fully engaging the drone magnificence of the harmonium. When coupled with Wrigley's spacious texturing, it leads to some fairly exquisite transcendental jazz. Contact Nick at for availabilities. [DW]

Hi ! I am looking for Jonathan Lomax. He's an old friend from the uni and I have lost his address unfortunately. If you can help, mail me at
[Claude Legrand]