Kozmigroov Albums
Lob! [Death Bunny, 1998]
Live From The Astrogarage [Death Bunny, 1999]
Geography [Death Bunny, 2003]
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The debut Lob! manages to capture a lot of the visceral density that Miles was laying down in 73-75, with skittering live breakbeats. Live From The Astrogarage will inevitably go down as 99's finest kozmik jazz offering. Wild, funky, ritualistic, it's a real mo'fo. As with their debut, there's the same approach of foreground/background inversion but the rhythms here are more fluid and the addition of echoed flute and wah'ed brass into the brew is fairly exquisite. I prefer to skip the the extraneous remixes at the end of the CD, but the first seven cuts make for a very fine ride. [DW]