(Bjorn) Jayson Lindh
Kozmigroov Albums
Ramadan [CTI/Metronome, 1972]
Cous Cous [CTI/Metronome, 1972]
Sissel [CTI/Metronome, 1972]
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I picked up a copy of 'Sissel' in a charity store for 50p (28 cents) and it is one of the best 50p's I've ever spent. It features a cast of fellow Swedish / European players, notably Jan Schaffer on guitar and Jan Tolf on percussion. 'Bull Dog' is pure comical funk with amusing dog like couica noises. 'Storpolska' starts off as a European folk flute tune and descends into a Kozmic wig out then ends up back where it started. Perhaps the most Kozmic moment on the album is the title track itself, which blazes along at a fiery pace, Lindh's flute furiously blowing over a fast funk jazz groove, interspersed by a strange Laurel and Hardy like Soprano motif and back to the furious groove. Schaffer's guitar goes into overload at the end taking the whole track into orbit. Unfortunately the final track, a cover of Van Morrison's 'Games people play' lets the album down badly and stands out like a sore thumb on an otherwise brilliant album. I have been hunting for Cous Cous and Ramadan ever since, on the strength of this album, to no avail. If anyone knows if they've been re-released I'd be grateful for some info.