Hubert Laws
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Afro-Classic [CTI, 1970]
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"baroque" is the key word in the DustyGroove review.
Yes, there are some moments of funk and "soaring away into another plane", but for the most part Afro-Classic is cheesy jazz versions of classical music.
There are however some great moments in 'Fire & Rain' and 'Passacaglia In C Minor' that make the album worth it.

Afro-Classic - An amazing album -- and the cornerstone of the CTI sound! The record's an incredibly baroque set of tracks from funky flautist Hubert Laws -- featuring arrangements from Don Sebesky that mix complicated lines on flute with electric piano from Bob James, into a swirling mass of sound that's warm, soulful, and fuzzy -- moving way beyond simple jazz-based expression, into an exploration of space, tone, and color that's barely ever been matched on record. The record's incredibly hip -- and even on material like "Theme From Love Story", "Fire & Rain", and "Passacaglia In C Minor", Laws and the group soar away into another plane of being! Jazz flute and CTI were never the same after this album!