Kozmigroov Albums
Taihen (with IMA) [Jaro, 1984]
Metal Position (with IMA) [Jaro, 1985]
Konton (with IMA) [Epic/Sony, 1986]
Human Market (with IMA) [Jaro, 1989]
Brain War (with IMA) [Jaro, 1991]
Red City Smoke (with IMA) [Jaro, 1993]
Touch Stone [Jaro, 1993]
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I'd like to add to this list Ki-Oku (Kondo improvising over DJ Krush beats) from 1998 and the Charged record with Bill Laswell and Eraldo Bernocchi from either 1999 or 2000 (I don't remember which). That one's full of (what Straight No Chaser magazine called) the most ancient sounding futuristic sounds I've heard.

...Ive seen Kondo´s IMA at mid 80ties in Germany twice or so -
great music but only 10% of the power can be heard on the official