Robin Kenyatta
Kozmigroov Albums
Girl From Martinique [ECM, 1973]
Gypsy Man [Atlantic, 1973]
Terra Nova [Atlantic, 1973]
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Girl From Martinique is far removed from Kenyatta's more commercial outings on Atlantic. This 'un, recorded during an extended European stay in 1970, is a psych-jazz gem that cries out for reissue.  Kenyatta plus Wolfgang Dauner, Fred Braceful and Arild Andersen maintain a nice loose orbit through the collective improvs of the title cut and the equally awesome, "Thank You Jesus," as well as the more groovin' "Blues For Your Mama." On Gypsy Man, the two side-openers are pure shlock, but "Melodie Chinoise" and especially "Reflective Silence" possess some moments of spacey funk.  But like most Atlantic albums from this era, it's frustratingly eclectic. Terra Nova is much the same approach, with even fewer moments of kozmik worth. [DW]

Gypsy Man - Last Tango in Paris, prod. by Deoadato with J.Tropea on wah guitar; a funky groove (listen for the sexy moans)...avail. on CD in '08

Check out his Vortex recordings of the late 60s. Wish I had access. Amazing work.

you should check out stompin at the savoy. it has a nice big band sound to it. it takes you back to that swing era.