Masabumi (Kochi) Kikuchi
Kozmigroov Albums
Poo-Sun [Philips, 1970]
Collaboration [Philips, 1970]
In Concert [Philips, 1970]
Hairpin Circus [Philips, 1972]
Wishes [EastWind, 1975/Inner City, 1978]
But Not For Me [Flying Disk, 1978]
Susto [Columbia, 1981]
One Way Traveller [Columbia, 1982]
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Wishes - An excellent mid 70s Japanese fusion set, led by the Gil Evans protege Masabumi Kikuchi -- with a very similar group to the one on his awesome Susto LP! The vibe isn't quite as funky on this outing -- in fact it's a bit more reminiscent of Miles' spacey electric explorations -- though there are some pretty hard groovin' moments should definitely appeal to fans of funky fusion. Steve Grossman and Dave Liebman play some nice coloristic lines on reeds, and Terumasa Hino is in fine form on trumpet. The rest of the group is rounded out by Reggie Lucas on guitar playing some hard choppy accompaniment to Kikuchi's synths and electric piano, Mtume on percussion, Al Foster on drums and Anthony Jackson on bass. We're especially keen on the dark and heavy "Auroral Flare", the spacious "Pacific Hushes" which opens with a beautiful line played by Hino and the set's closer "Alone".

disagree about your review of one way traveller. think its fantastic and easily as good if not better than susto. real heavy fusion funk with every track a killer.used to playfirst track alacalder out a lot used to stuff the dance floor.still each to their own opinion i guess!!!
[heavy duty]

tom i havent heard it.Which lp is it from ?Got a lot of elvin jones on blue note with perla but missed this one.By the way for anyone whose interested finally picked up (for very expensive price)a jap cd of Kikuchis follow up to Susto -"one way traveller" .what a disapointment boring fusion which is dull dull dull !If anyone out there is interested in it will sell it for good price although after that write up i cant see this happening.anyway if so leave a post after this.On holiday in usa at present and have scored a treasure trove of 70s prestige and others ken nordine ,bill evans ,lots more at 2 bucks an album all mint-azar lawrence ,gary bartz etc in an antique shop in florida.Thats what i call a great holiday !!!!!
[mike peden]

Have you heard "Hollow Out" with Gene Perla and Elvin Jones/ It's bad!
[Tom Marcello]

"susto" is the lp to go for.Sounds similar to Terumasa Hino's Merry go round which is possibly better known due to the jazz dance staus of the title track.A wash of electronic jazz sound with chattering guitars and a solid bottom end which hits a groove and stays on it.Heavily influenced by Miles Davis electric projects but with better dynamics and more focussed recording/production.Features a cast of all stars including Hancock,Airto,Grossman,James Mason,Liebman,Hino,Aiyb Dieng -list goes on and on.Bought a copy about 18 years ago and still play it now-highly recommended.
[mike peden]