Joachim Kuhn
Kozmigroov Albums
Cinemascope [MPS, 1973]
Hip Elegy [MPS, 1976]
Springfever [Atlantic, 1976]
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Despite a tempting cast of characters (Terumasa Hino, Philip Catherine, Nana and Lee/Mouzon making the rhythm bed), Hip Elegy is a disappointment, alternating between bland progressive jazz (think Shadowfax) and tidy fusion moves that evoke the vapidity of J-L Ponty's Atlantic albums. Spring Fever is similarly lacking in soul, prefering the prosaic approaches that would level the deathblow for kozmik jazz in the 70s. There were a handful of earlier Kuhn albums on MPS-- most seem to be acoustic free-jazz affairs, although Cinemascope appears to be electric and includes Association PC's Toto Blanke among the players. Haven't heard it but it's gotta be better than these two later documents. [DW]

Hip Elegy - A great album of funky fusion for MPS -- finally issued on CD! Keyboardist Joachim Kuhn heads up the group, but he's got some great rhythm backing from Alphonse Mouzon on drums and John Lee on bass, which makes the record groove way way more than some of his other titles! The keys are nice and spacey, and Philip Catherine plays trippy/jazzy electric guitar on most of the cuts. The lineup also includes Terumasa Hino on trumpet, and Nana Vasconcelos on an array of percussive touches. Titles include "Bed Stories", "First Frisco", "Seven Sacred Pools", and "Hip Elegy in Kingsize". Spacey 70s MPS at its freshest and funkiest! [DustyGroove]

Hi !
Is there anybody out there who can sell or trade me a copy of Joachim Kühn - Hip Elegy album.
Aiff, Wav or mp3 is OK
/ Björn from Sweden
[Björn Axelsson]

it still such a magic moment from 1985or1986 uptill now,when i've been invited to eat and shear an incredible moment with the Great JOACHIM KUHN.We've been meet such foreigners in this smole world under JAZZ MUSICL NOTES. Him on the world tour, me as a stranger in my home land Morrocco? That i leaved from that time for europe. The great J.KUHN sent me him adress club contact in Hambourg ,with an LP.Same jalous personnes stoles me its. But they cant and could't stole from my mind the inforgeteble moment in Casablanca whit JOACHIM KUHN, whith the best memories to that artiste
My hoprs is to meet him befor the end......From brussels:( 472 36 12 02 still jazz
[Rouiha Nacer; Casablanca MORROCCO]