Kozmigroov Albums
Solomon's Daughter [Evidence, 1994]
Kairos [Evidence,1996]
Auspicious Blazing Sun [Sunship,1999]
Sanctification [Sunship, 2000]
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Solomon's Daughter, Kairos, and Sanctification are all Quartet dates, which are heavily inspired by Coltrane's mid-1960s recordings. Solomon's Daughter features Pharoah Sanders on sax -- he sounds VERY inspired. Kairos includes short world music pieces in between original tunes, and to which Kiermyer adds his own drumming. I have only heard bits and pieces of Sanctification, and what I've heard seems similar to the other two quartet albums. Auspicious Blazing Sun is an album of mostly traditional Tibetan Buddhist spiritual music, in which Kiermyer plays with monks and musicians of on of the Tibetan Buddhist sects. Again, I have only heard small portions of this album. Kiermyer appears to be a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, and this influence is very apparent in the spirit of the music and in the liner notes to his albums. [JB]