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Kozmigroov Albums
Shawn-Neeq [Black Jazz, 1971]
Proceed With Caution! [Black Jazz, 1974]
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Proceed With Caution - No need to be cautious here as the album's the sort you can jump into right away thanks to some wicked grooves from legendary guitarist Calvin Keys! Calvin's had a great revival in recent years, but this album's the stuff that first put him on the map a brilliant early date for the Black Jazz label, done in a unique blend of spiritual and soul jazz modes! Keys' guitar has a sharper focus here than on his other 70s set for the label and he's working with some beautifully complex arrangements, played by a group that includes Charles Owens on tenor, soprano sax, and flute plus Kirk Lightey on electric piano, Henry Franklin on bass, Oscar Brasher on trumpet, Owen Marshall on percussion, and Ndugu Chancler on drums. Most titles are originals and tunes include the nice groover "Aunt Lovey", plus "Tradewinds", "Night Cry", "Renaissance", and "Efflugence".