Alphonso Johnson
Kozmigroov Albums
Moonshadows [Epic, 1976]
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Alphonso Johnson's solo albums from the 70s don't seem too promising in this forum, if his debut Moonshadows is any indication. This one is mostly that jazz/hard rock fusion that became so prevalent in the mid-70s in albums by Lenny White, Stanley Clarke, etc. Others may dig this genre but I find it kinda stunted. One intriguing track is "Pandora's Box," which is almost reminiscent of Mwandishi-era Herbie. Unfortunately, it's only 3 minutes in length! If only they'd, uh, opened it up a bit more. [DW]

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If you take his compositions and compare them with what was out at the time , THEY DO seem promising and promise they did, to establish this bassist as a composer and first call musician with the right professional attitude to get the job done on any session.From a bass players stand point, learning a Alphonso Johnson composition can be as rewarding and accomplishment as learning a Stanley or Jaco comp..Those Slim Johnson albums are a composers fakebook...Pete C
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