Weldon Irvine
Kozmigroov Albums
Liberated Brother [Nodlew, 1972]
Time Capsule [Nodlew, 1973]
In Harmony [Strata East, 1974]
Cosmic Vortex [RCA, 1974]
Spirit Man [RCA, 1975]
Sinbad [RCA, 1976]
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The first two Irvine cds, released by Hubbub, were a revelation for me as I had expected smooth proto-acid jazz, a la most of the Luv'n'Haight comp (it's great stuff-- don't get me wrong!)  What I got from the Nodlew releases were some really crazy, personal records from a guy who's definitely not afraid to look, well, kinda goofy (in a SciFi nerd kinda way); and I, for one, deeply respect that (and, uh, think it's really fuckin' funny-- the Watergate song, dork-o as it is, really cracks me up). Of course, the occasional goofiness takes a backseat to some smokin', very electric & psychedelic jazz-funk grooves, so goof on, Liberated Brother! However, as cool as Liberated Brother & (especially) Time Capsule are, the pick of the litter so far (I've only got 3/6 of his output) is Spirit Man. "Jungle Juice" alone would get this on the Koz'groov B++ list (heck, if you're talking about dancing, straight A), but there's also the styling "We Gettin' Down" (w/minimal chorus vocals, a la Johnny Hammond's "Why Can't We Smile") & "Blast Off".  A very solid, funky party album w/lots of wild electric sounds & nice deep grooves. [JW]