Innerzone Orchestra
Kozmigroov Albums
Bug In The Bassbin (12") [Planet e, 1992]
Programmed [Planet e, 1999]
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Any issue of Innerzone Orchestra's "Bug in the Bassbin" with the jazz mix is guaranteed to get your ass in line, both in terms of (actual) jazz swing and its straight up treatment of breaks.  The only thing that I've heard that has a similar amount of edge-of-seat rhythmic propulsion is the much-ballyhooed "Chomp Samba" e.p. from Amon Tobin. [RL]

In 2010 Carl Craig released a digital EP under his own name called 'Paris Live'

It contains 15 minutes of music over two tracks, both live. One is 'At Les' from the Innerzone Orchestra album.

Worth a couple of dollars, that's for sure. I found it on Amazon.


[DJ Goldhand]