Perry Hemus
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Rhodesmode [Woodland, 2004]
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I'd like to know the same as Haley! There is only one Haley i know who spells it like that- my little cousin, is that you?
[Victoria Hemus (Midlands)]

Mail him at

this is haley hemus, i just wanted to know more about perry and if and how we are/were related. thanks, haley hemus

Just checked out this abum!
Best albm yet this year and well deserved best of 2004 thus far from Kozmigroov!!
[Jourgen Haas nr]

Wonderful, wonderful music ...
[Markus Feltz]

This is the most gorgeous album I have heard in many years....simply wonderfull throughout!! Desert Island No.1

Rhodesmode - A stunning debut that's well worth all the buzz it's been getting! Perry Hemus -- in case you can't guess from the title -- is a whiz on the Fender Rhodes, and he's working here in a perfectly-conceived album that's filled with wonderful tunes. Some of the tracks are spare and contemplative -- letting Hemus' keys take the lead with light support on percussion -- but others soar to the skies on rhythms that are filled with life and joy. A number of tracks feature some great vocals by Lizzy Parks, and other instrumentation includes a lot of acoustic percussion, guitar, trumpet, flute, and upright bass. Really great stuff -- with a deeply soulful vibe throughout.