Jon Hassell
Kozmigroov Albums
Vernal Equinox [Lovely Music, 1977]
Earthquake Island [Tomato, 1978]
Possible Musics (Fourth World Volume 1) [Editions EG, 1980]
Dream Theory In Malaya (Fourth World Volume Two) [Editions EG, 1981]
Aka / Darbari / Java - Magic Realism [Editions EG, 1983]
Power Spot [ECM, 1986]
The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By The Power Of Sound [Intuition, 1987]
Flash Of The Spirit (with Farafina) [Intuition, 1988]
City: Works Of Fiction [Land, 1990]
Dressing For Pleasure (released as Jon Hassell & Bluescreen) [Warner Bros, 1994]
Sulla Strada [Materiali Sonori, 1995]
Fascinoma [Water Lily Acoustics, 1999]
1999 (France) [Live FM radio broadcast (1 CD)]
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