John Handy
Kozmigroov Albums
Live at Monterey [Columbia, 1965]
John Handy [Columbia, 1966]
The Second John Handy Album [Columbia, 1967]
New View [Columbia, 1967]
Projections [Columbia, 1968]
Karuna Supreme (credited to John Handy & Ali Akbar Khan) [MPS, 1976]
Hard Work [Impulse!, 1976]
Rainbow [MPS, 1981]
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Live at Monterey and Second John Handy are both essential (& I think recently re-released) documents of the jazz-to-smoke-pot-to era ... spirally twisty stuff with a perceivably swingin rhythm section (Don Thompson, Terry Clark) ... one cut i've been digging recently is "Dancy Dancy" off the second lp, the title should give you an idea. Guitarist was Jerry Hahn, a name I'm familiar with but not sure why (the Flock?). Karuna Supreme is more koz less groove (unless you can dance in 17 ... ) but a monument to the 70's E/W third stream ... and Handy never lets you forget he's a SAXOPHONE player (as opposed to, say, Paul McCandless, who much as I love him often sounds like he wishes that damn oboe really was a ney). [JF]

For a fully Carnatic jazz experience (more Indian, less jazz, still a fusion), check out the sublime collaborations between John Handy & Ali Akbar Khan, available on an MPS two-fer (Rainbow & Karuha Supreme, if I remember correctly). Handy melds his sax into the classic raga-trance music gloriously-- staggeringly beautiful stuff! [JW]

A couple of tracks [on Projections] are pretty Kozmi. Nock contributes with three tunes, two of them sounding a bit rock/pop influenced. The bass player isn't that impressive and the sound could have been better. [AF]