Jan Hammer
Kozmigroov Albums
Like Children (w/ Jerry Goodman) [Nemperor, 1974]
The First Seven Days [Nemperor, 1975]
Oh, Yeah? [Nemperor, 1976]
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i picked this album up when it came out in 1977. nevere really 'got it' back then. and then i pulled it out again, and played it on a far superior vinyl rig to what i had back then, and, oh, my gosh! it blew me away. genuine invention and superb recording w/o any prog or fusion bloat, while those elements are nevertheless present in tasteful, spacey amounts. a great album and one of the forgotten gems.
[jim dolan]

Not sure if its groov enuff, but kozmi it is: "The First Seven Days" was Hammer's first solo release after the Mahavishnu meltdown. Lots of really nice keyboard stuff - a lot of the compositions have a little of the eastern euro flavor I got from Zawinul before he went into the total worldbeat bag. Good chill set.
[The Phantom Screed]