Kozmigroov Albums
Our Point of Departure [Perishable, 2000]
5/6 in Dub [Bubble Core, 2001]
New Features [Bubble Core, 2001]
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My favorite right now in the "modern kozmigroov" style is Him. It was my lucky day when a second hand record store was playing it, just thought too cool, this must be one of those early 70's gem, with such terrific playing and production. Something like one of the best Surman or Dauner session with Pat Martino and some latin & dub flavors... surprise: this was a brand new promo-cd sold by a journalist! Listened to it many times since, and each of the 6 long long tracks has something great, 60 minutes of deep, groovy and spiritual electric jazz, really uplifting!
[Eric Borgers]

From the sticker on the _New Features_ promo CD:
trk1: up-tempo sax soloing over organic rhythms.
trk2: a protracted space-jam jazz journey.
trk3: rhythm heavy afro-psychedelia.
trk4: dubbed out chill zones.
trk5: pulsing ambient scapes.
trk6: avant-garde tinged sax funk.
All instrumental, all clean

Doug Scharin (HIM) is my favorite drummer / percussionist / ensemble leader this side of the 21st century.

I could write a book here, really - but it's best to let his music speak for itself...!

Reccomended listening:

H.i.M. - Many In High Places Are Not Well (2003) *the latest, but a perfect place to start
Mice Parade - All Roads Lead To Salzburg (2002) *lots of fantastic improv-based, uplifting afro-latin workouts here. Cannot reccomend enough!
Out In Worship - Sterilized (1998) *more dub-based...well worth seeking out!
[Black Hole Horizon]