Eddie Henderson
Kozmigroov Albums
Realization [Capricorn, 1973]
Inside Out [Capricorn, 1974]
Sunburst [Blue Note, 1975]
Heritage [Blue Note, 1976]
Comin' Through [Capitol, 1977]
Mahal [Capitol, 1978]
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As well as the Capricorn years comp Soul Brother have put out a best of his later years.

These include some tracks from what is for me, his masterpiece 'sunburst'.

One downside, if you want 'The Kumquat Kid' on vinyl you're just gonna have to get digging cause it's not on there.

The first two I think are great but I prefer the tighter sound of his first blue note set.

A 2 discs vynil print of realization and Inside out is out now and it's killer kozmic groove music! with Hancock, Maupin, Buster Williams among others his music is a kind of "another side of bitches brew", more balanced than miles album but same mood. great trumpet, great rhodes from herbie, moog noises by pat gleason.