Eddie Harris
Kozmigroov Albums
Silver Cycles [Atlantic, 1968]
Free Speech [Atlantic, 1969]
Come On Down [Atlantic, 1970]
Live At Newport [Atlantic, 1971]
Second Movement [Atlantic, 1971]
Instant Death [Atlantic, 1972]
Sings The Blues [Atlantic, 1973]
Is It In [Atlantic, 1974]
E.H. in the U.K. [Atlantic, 1974]
Bad Luck is All I Have [Atlantic, 1975]
How Can You Live Like That [Atlantic, 1976]
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Or Gene Harris' "Nexus" (Blue Note '75)...

As for Eddie Harris : apart from "Excursions" ('73) and "I need some money" ('75), there's also "The electrifying" ('68), "Plug me in" ('68) and "That is why you're overweight" ('75, a lesser album, but it dos feature the irresistible groover "It's all right now").
[(pv) [uzine]]

Hey, and what about GENE Harris, e.g. "In a special way" (Blue Note '76) ?
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...and many more, e.g. "I need some money" and "Excursions" ! (Most of his huge discography is worthwhile.)
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is it in . the title alone sounds like it is funky and fun. and it is. so check it out when you get a chance,because the music will have you saying yes it is in.