Kozmigroov Albums
Stoned Flute [Columbia, 1970]
Combination (with Charlie Mariano) [Black Lion, 1971]
Live At Montreux [Columbia, 1971]
Virgin Sacrifice [Columbia, 1972]
Who Can See The Shadow of the Sun [Columbia, 1972]
Mission Suite [MPS, 1973]
Sister Slick [Columbia, 1974]
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Chris Hinze is a Dutch flautist who cut a variety of albums for Dutch CBS between 67-72 before adopting the flashy-but-funky rhythm section of John Lee and Gerry Brown, as well as a denser backdrop for his flute explorations.  Mission Suite was apparently a one-off recorded for MPS/BASF. If the album initially sets off alarms with the complex progressive theme of "Di-da-de-lu-da," the music quickly abandons such elaborate statements of precision as the players lose themselves in freer collective improvs.  Spanning half of the first side, the title cut is even looser with dynamic shifts between rhythmic fire and unrestrained cosmic meditations.  Similar moves are heard on "Deliverance", which opens with a scandalously fuzzy bassline and climaxes nicely with a wordless vocal/guitar screechfest.  On "Bamboo Funk", Siggi Schwab again rips and folds his guitar alongside Hinze's Rahsaanesque wails.  The album's got some fine moments although it's probably best recommended to those with a greater tolerance for progressive jazz. [DW]

Where can I find a recording of Creation? or "Flute and Mantras" is the title of the record. I heard an excerpt on the hearts of space archive and am interested in hearing more. Can you help?
[andrea millsandrea@hotmail.com]