Dr. Patrick Gleeson
Kozmigroov Albums
Star Wars [Mercury, 1977]
The Planets [??,??]
Rainbow Delta [Passport, 1980]
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Reknowned for his pioneering ARP work with Herbie's sextet (see also Eddie Henderson and Julian Priester), Dr. Patrick Gleeson also medicated Charles Earland's Dynamite Brothers and Leaving This Planet and Joe Henderson's Black Narcissus. Less essentially, he worked on the soundtracks to Apocalypse Now and Star Wars and later guested on a Sammy Hagar lp. Yikes. Dr. Patrick's solo reworking of Holst's Planets has Julian Priester guesting on a few cuts. I haven't heard it, but apparently it's nothing more than this, ie. spacey in title and nothing more. Rainbow Delta opens with a nice sequencer pulse and is punctuated by Gleeson's signature synth bursts, but the remainder of the lp tends toward noodly synth washes. Klaus Schulze did this stuff way better. [DW]

Not sure about the Star Wars album but I used to have a Gleeson solo lp from around the same period (can't remember the title) which was pretty dire (track titles such as "Frank Stella By Starlight") as far as I remember. Not exactly cheesy pap but light years away from his work with Herbie and Charles Earland and was closer to a Peter Baumann solo lp. Of course it's quite possible I could hear it tomorrow and proclaim it a work of genius that I completely failed to understand the first time round. Ah, the joys of revisionism... [PM]