Hal Galper
Kozmigroov Albums
The Guerilla Band [Mainstream, 1971]
Wild Bird [Mainstream, 1972]
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I first heard "This Moment" 30+ years ago and I never forgot how moving a piece of music it was, and I haven't listened to it since. Wild Bird is out of print and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know how I can get a copy of the CD (or LP or CASS)? If so, please contact me at tbernez@aol.com. Thanks!

Glad someone else appreciates the beauty and depth of "This Moment." Also the Brecker Bros. delivered extraordinary, precious solos.

Both of his electric Mainstream albums are awesome but Wild Bird is the prize. "trilogy" is in three parts and it is madly arranged peice of psychedlic jazz. my favourite song, however, is the 12 minute "this moment" which has a monster bassline and is also super deep and spiritual.