Dizzy Gillespie
Kozmigroov Albums
The Real Thing [Perception, 1970]
Portrait of Jenny [Perception, 1971]
Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods [Pablo, 1976]
Free Ride [Pablo, 1977]
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Yeah, even Diz went kozmik in the 70s. On Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods, the sidelong "Oro, Incienso y Mirra" offers earthshaking Latin rhythms, big band themes loud enough to ripple yr guts, quieter balladry, serialist Fender Rhodes piano lines and plenty of Gleeson-esque synth nastiness to piss off the purists (apparently this was the first appearance of a synthesizer on a Gillespie recording.  It's a proud birthing.) Dizzy's own lines are magnificently agile, effortlessly moving with each thematic shift. [DW]

there is antoher jazz fusion album form dizzy, it's called "the real thing" and it's from '71. check it out