George Freeman
Kozmigroov Albums
Birth Sign [Delmark, 1969]
Franticdiagnosis [Bamboo/Luv n' Haight, 1972]
New Improved Funk [Groove Merchant, 1973]
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I'll be a monkey's uncle if the first track on Birth Sign doesn't sound *exactly* like Can (from a few years later). Freeman's guitar style is kinda like Lou Reed's from "European Son", but w/o any distortion. Well, George has more control, but he fucks around on guitar like no other souljazz guitarist I've ever heard-- I think I even hear some Brotzmann-esque above-the-bridge playing. The material ranges from more conventional funky jazz (but still w/Freeman's insane style), to some weird ballads, to the Canny stuff (the first song "Mama, Papa, Brother" & the more funky title cut). Franticdiagnosis is great! I'm listening to the cut "Free Man"-- a bizarre organ pulser w/Charles Earland's sublime ARP, multipercussion & bongos-- heaven! It's also got "The Bump" & the 20 minute title cut to recommend it. The whole thing is waaaay out, save the Billie Holliday tune. [JW]

I can definitely put in a good word for New Improved Funk. Not nearly as trippy as Franticdiagnosis, nor exactly funky in my book (tho the term is obviously pretty elastic), but still very groovy small-group stuff w/ plenty of Geo's skittering freaked gtr and some really superb sax honking from his way under-recognized bro Von. Anyone know if the two have recorded together elsewhere? Must've been one interesting family... [KM]

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Hello, im really interested in New Improved Funk, and much more on the story of the recording, i have already hearing a lot, and i discover that the bro von plays in that song but you can't also heard when you list the song. Maybe there wasn't a good solo, but the bass and drum are perfect, and aso the guitar. I waird, but im dj in a bar here, in Buenos Aires. And also i wor most like jornaliste (im study literature and linguistik) and i want to write a story about this song. Abouit this 2 bro (von and george). If you hace any more information or a contact, i will apreciate (love the site also!) Thanks

[Emilio (From Argentina)]