Funk Factory (see also Michal Urbaniak)
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Funk Factory [Atco, 1975]
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Funk Factory is unfortunately pretty uninspired stuff -- very slick production, which I would compare with Street Lady-era Donald Byrd in overall sound and vibe, with a bit more antic arrangements. The tracks with vocals (handled by longtime Urbaniak associate Urszula Dudziak, natch) have almost a mid-period Earth, Wind and Fire vibe.  On the whole, the lp is very low on the display of "chops" (though Urbaniak does get down on with a wicked solo on 'violin synthesizer' - close your eyes and it's Lonnie Liston Smith) which is, I suppose, generally taken to be a good thing. I can't help but think though that this record would be a lot more exciting if the obviously ample musicians (incl. Tony Levin and John Abercrombie) would've taken off a bit. [RS]

But the track Rien Ne Va Plus that the Beastie Boys introduced us to is an amazing unique sounding vocal funky fusion track that you'll never get board of!
[JC - Here & Now Recordings]

how do i manage to buy this recording?