The Free Spirits
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Out of Sight and Sound [ABC, 196 ]
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Larry Coryell, Chris Hills and Bob Moses, along with Jim Pepper (sax) and Chip Baker (rhythm gtr) were in a pop/psych band called The Free Spirits, who had an album on ABC called Out of Sight and Sound ... Coryell mostly confines himself to snaky post-surf accompaniment (with the occasional pre-Columbia Johnny Winter solo), Pepper takes the frantic leads, some of them pretty freaky. Sometimes the singing reminds me of The National Gallery (not a good thing). Features gratuitous sitar solo and lyrics like "Check me out I'm sailing/on a muddy stream of consciousness". Nat Hentoff tells us on the back cover, "The images need no footnoting because each listener has his own references of memory and desire." Yeah. [JF]