The Fourth Way
Kozmigroov Albums
The Fourth Way [Capitol, 1969]
Sun and Moon Have Come Together [Harvest, 1970]
Werwolf [Harvest, 1971]
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I saw The Fourth Way At Sierra College also. 1970. Even though the music was very advanced, I dug it bigtime! Just like the first time I heard Jimi's, Third Stone from the Sun. I'm ready to download they're albums as soon as they re-release them!!!
[Louis J. Caballero]

sure...anytime. your welcome

Thank you so much for the links of The Fourth Way.
I'm so grateful for your offer.

the "Werwolf" recording,live at Montreux, 1970, I've been looking for it as a CD with no luck for 3 years now, and counting....
[Charles Kaltwasser]

where I can buy this LP`s

estoy interesado en la furgoneta ke tienes en tirso. te paso mi numero 677213674. un saludo


hola, era para preguntarte por la furgo. mandame caracteristicas...te paso mi e-mail y los del curro. un saludo., and


Oh of April 29, 2008

Yeah it's "The Fourth Ways" 1st album. The only problem is the numbers are wrong on each song. enjoy

also a link (maybe) to the first album (

Here's a link to "sun and moon come together album...hope this helps

oops... correction "I wonder what Drawer the "Fourth Way" recordings are kept?"''''sorry
[spudwas ]

Oh by the way, back in 1970 or 71. KPFA presented their own live recording of the "Fourth Way" on their Sunday night show called "STAYS FRESH LONGER." They recorded bands around the bay area and presented them every week. I wonderwhat drawer where the "Fourth Way" recordings are kept?

I have the 1st and second albums of the fourth email me I guess

i am interested in the ban, furgoneta, i would like to know the price. please. o llama que es mas rapido al 620481579

i am interested in the ban, furgoneta, i would like to know the price. please. o llama que es mas rapido al 620481579

Hola me llamo Rafa y me acabo de encontrar con tu furgoneta mercedes y stoy interesado en saber el precio y las caracteristicas de tu carabana.te mando mi mail.,o tambien, .Gracias por todo, un saludo

I had the pleasure of seeing The Fourth Way @ Sierra College in Rocklin, Ca. in 1970-71. This band was truly precursor to later Fusion bands. I too am looking for The Sun and Moon Have Come Together and Werewolf. Those cool spacefunk melodies are forever etched in my creative mind! I lost my vinyls. Sure would love cd format!!!! Always a fusionist. Louie.
[Louis Caballero]

I became interested/obsessed with this band when, in 1969, a reviewer for Downbeat (possibly Michael Bourne?) mentioned them in the same review as the yet-to-be-released Weather Report...just got all of their LPs (I LOVE vinyl!) via eBay, PLUS a 45 RPM of Bucklehuggin b/w Clouds (imagine THAT being released today!). Lovin' all of it... what a fertile, creative period in music.

I engineered that album if it was done live in Berkeley - I think I have a copy on disc or tape - email me

hello everybody,
anybody interested in a nm edition of the mps/saba release between or beyond. recently found a 2nd copy and only need one.
hasta luego,
fedi petit

I was the Fourth Way's manager in the old days. Few albums exist anymore. Mike Nock had found a Japanese label interested in re-releasing ALL of the albums. Couldn't get anywhere with Capitol with the proposal. Hard to understand. Eddie Marshall still alive and well in the bay area-still the no.1 drumer called by touring jazz artists. Nock winning awards in Australia. Mike White moving back to the bay area soon. nothing about Ron Mcclure since the one-shot reunion as part of the SF JAZZ festival 4 years ago. If you want to talk about the fathers of fusion, my name is ted gehrke and my email is: %Thanks
[ted gehrke]

Had one of their recordings (Sun and Moon have come together , I think) on tape , but lost it . Does anyone know how to get a copy on cd or otherwise : mail to
[Peter Van de Voort]

would really like a copy of Sun and Moon.. any leads appreciated
[Steve Hanson]

The Fourth Way were crucial in opening the way to using rock rhythms in jazz performance, which gave us the eventual joys and horrors of fusion.
[Ron Sweetman]

Why haven't these been re-released on CD? "Werwolf" was live at Montreux, with electric violin, electric bass, and Mike Nock squawking and squelching his Fender Rhodes piano thorugh a ring modulator ala Chick Corea on "Miles at Filmore". Moments of lyricism coupled with occasional free form electronic freak-out.