Kozmigroov Albums
Templates [Ntone, 1999]
Midnight Sounds [Ntone, 2000]
Outer Space/Inner Space [Ninja Tune, 2001]
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_Outer Space/Inner Space_ is Flanger's best (and grooviest) yet! _Midnight Sounds_ may have been a bit slow for most people (it IS called midnight sounds though :) but this new one really moves from start to finish. a true modern cosmic jazz groove fest. emphasis on "groove", even funk. beautiful vibes, flute, bongos, electronic piano and upright bass, all with a modern feel and modern production style. [freeform]

Flanger = Burnt (Bernd) Friedmann aka Nonplace Urban Field + Atom TM aka Atom Heart aka Seņor Coconut aka ... Some of the releases on Rather Interesting are kosmique !
[(pv) [uzine]]