The Eleventh House (see also Larry Coryell)
Kozmigroov Albums
Introducing The Eleventh House [Vanguard, 1974]
Eleventh House at Montreux [Vanguard, 1978 (recorded in 1974)]
Level One [Arista, 1975]
Aspects [Arista, 1976]
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While I completely concur on the desirability of Spaces and the early Burton stuff (Roy Hanes's drumming makes the whole thing fly), I'm afraid I can't really offer much praise for Coryell's Eleventh House. I crawled thru their stuff a couple years back, kept trying and trying to find the hook, but the modus operandi is just way too chopsaholic for my tastes. Mostly seems closer to the showoffy side of progrock than either kozmi or groov -- jumpiness, tempo changes, excessively technical playing, etc. I mean, I believe that they can all play faster than I can, they don't need to keep proving it.  Mouzon's percussion ensures that it'll meet the minimum testosterone requirements, I suppose, for those for whom that's a desirable criteria. But my head remained un-expanded. If only the sounds were as trippy as the cover art. [KM]

I really want to like Eleventh House-- John Lee & Alphonse Mouzon were such a mo'fo rhythm section-- but sheesh, it's so empty of any soul whatsoever, I might as well be listening to Dimeola-era RTF. [DW]

where is "level one" it has to be put on c-d. whats the problem???.