Wolfgang Dauner
Kozmigroov Albums
Für (credited to Wolfgang Dauner / Eberhard Weber / Jurgen Karg / Fred Braceful) [Calig-Verlag, 1969]
The Oimels [MPS, 1969]
Rischka's Soul (This is Wolfgang Dauner) [Brain, 1972 (recorded in 1969)]
Music Zounds [MPS, 1970]
Output [ECM, 1970]
Et Cetera (Lady Blue) (credited to Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera) [Global, 1971 / Brain, 1980]
Knirsch (credited to Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera) [MPS, 1972]
Live (credited to Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera) [MPS, 1973]
Get Up And Dauner (compilation CD) [Motor, 1998]
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Oimels is pretty great in a wild-ass sleazy-psychedelic soul jazz kinda way; also pretty easy to find w/the Japanese MPS reissue.  Over-the-top fuzz guitars, one primal punky stomper, & sitar-drenched lounge freakouts are the order of the day. Truly superior stuff-- perhaps the most acid-fried lounge music available, right in that same lurching, falling-down-fried niche as "Toiling" from Ayler's The Last Album. Great guitar work from Sigi Schwab of Vampyros Lesbos fame.  The cover of "Day in the Life" must be heard to be believed, while the "big hit" ("Take Off Your Clothes for the Rising of the Sun" or whatnot), while nicely sitar-drenched, is one of the low points. [JW]

Dauner wasn't one for technical skill, but rather showed a brilliant knack for coaxing freaked 'n' demonic sounds out of electric pianos and/or organs using an array of effects.  Output is easily the sickest artifact on ECM (which was actually a pretty intense label for the first 50 or so releases.) Closer to free rock than jazz, really. The jacket cover features a guy plugging his arm into a 1/4" jack, therein rendering a glow to his lightbulb head. Rischka's Soul doesn't bust me up as heavily as Output but it's still a keeper.  "Flute Woman" and "Kamasutram" are particularly noteworthy in establishing a link between krautrock and spacejazz. Compared to Dauner's earlier solo projects, Knirsch is less avant-garde and more psychedelic and Larry Coryell turns in some incredibly stoned guitar.  This album also features the original smokeblast version of "Yin", a far more frenetic version of which appears on the first Eleventh House lp. The Get Up And Dauner compilation is okay, but it mostly misses the boat on Dauner's wilder moments.  [DW]

e un lavoro sublime et cetera nel senso che pochi musicisti del periodo riuscivano a fondere musicalita advangard jazz rock ma sempre con un impronta stokhausen il disco e bellissimo purtroppo io posseggo 450 titoli di musica tedesca che spazia dal 56 al83 giudizio personale come i tedeschi non esiste nulla

I have a nice CD reissue of Hans Koller's 1974 MPS album Kunstkopfindianer, which I picked up because Dauner plays on it (piano, electric piano, synth, nagoya-harp...and the first sounds you hear are Dauner). I think this record is pretty fantastic, though I can't compare it to Output, Knirsch, or Live, BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND THEM (I should look harder before resorting to caps though).

Fur is one of the essential German freejazz/avantgarde LPs. It's got the zaniness that Dauner's early work often had, and the great musicianship (sometimes used to perverse ends) of the four musicians. There's a wonderful blues that's speeded up and slowed down so you're never quite able to snal your fingers to it; there's Fred Braceful laughing about Jurgen Karg; in between there's a lot of excellent playing. This is the one essential Dauner LP.