Kozmigroov Albums
Planetary Folklore (credited to As One) [Mo'Wax, 1997]
21st Century Soul (credited to As One) [Ubiquity, 2001]
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Kirk Degiorgio, who infuses mind and soul into the As One projects, refers to Planetary Folklore as "drum 'n' bass at the original tempo." Incorporating sampling technology to achieve a magnificent drum sound that is entirely removed from any common perceptions of of d'n'b or techno machine rhythms, this album retains a solid organic groove throughout.  Highlights are "Soul, Soul, Soul" with its 7/4 rhythmic pattern, disembodied vocals and a rumbling Jackson-esque bassline, and "The Path of Most Resistance", whose occasional drum stutter intentionally plays with notions of "real" or "live" percussion. Modern Kozmigroov at its finest. [DW]

Kirk put out Planetary Folklore 2 last year, and it's a fitting continuation to that classic record. There's obviously been 10 years between them, but they still share a common heartbeat.

Planetary Folklore is the best thing i"ve heard from Kirk!
[Stephen Craig]