George Duke
Kozmigroov Albums
Save The Country [Liberty, 1969 (reissued on Pickwick in 1978)]
The Inner Source [MPS, 1971]
Faces In Reflection [MPS, 1974]
Feel [MPS, 1974]
The Aura Will Prevail [MPS, 1975]
I Love The Blues, She Heard Me Cry [MPS, 1976]
Solo Keyboard Album [Epic, 1976]
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i am looking for "feel" ? is it on c-d. it is very deep.

Want a copy of "The Inner Source"? I recently recorded it from vinyl.

need a copy of inner source.
any ideas
regards .. as
[ashley (london) ]

Solo Keyboard Album - Fantastic stuff -- and one of George Duke's trippiest jazz albums ever! The package is the US issue of Duke's last album for MPS -- recorded in 1976, under the title Dream -- issued here under the clunkier moniker of The 1976 Solo Keyboard Album! Duke plays all the instruments himself (as you might guess!) -- keyboards that include Fender Rhodes, Arp, clavinet, and mini moog, plus drums and some other percussion -- in a blistering array of grooves that show off his skills in a way that you don't always get on Duke's more soul-based albums. The overall approach is almost similar to his first record for the label -- spare, flowing lines that drift between jazz funk, mellow solos, and a few more cosmic moments!