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Phil Cohran played trumpet with Sun Ra from '58-'61, when he left from Chicago to go to New York. He also has a history with Jay McShann and has played on some early jump sides (proto-rock and roll?). Phil is also an astronomer and co-founder of the AACM. He split with them in the early days.

In the spirit of Sun Ra, Phil is a well read researcher and documentarian who doesn't hesitate to ask good (and tough) questions. He still performs at an Ethiopian restaurant in Chicago every Friday night. [Mike Khoury]

I should digg your post so other people are able to see it, very helpful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Norman
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DuSable Museum To Pay Tribute To Legendary Musician Kelan Phil Cohran on May 7th
April 28, 2010

Chicago, IL. (27 April 2010) The DuSable Museum of African American History, will celebrate and honor the contributions to the world of music made by the legendary Kelan Phil Cohran, who will soon observe his 83rd birthday, with a concert in his honor on Friday, May 7, 2010. The concert will feature: The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble; the multi-dimensional expressionist Maia; the divinely inspired Aquilla Sadalla and harpist Josefe Marie Veerna, all who will pay tribute to and salute one of the world’s most revered performers. Chicago favorite, Maggie Brown will serve as the M.C. for the event which will take place at the Museum located at 740 East 56th Place (57th Street and South Cottage Grove Avenue) in Chicago.

Kelan Phil Cohran is a “sphereologist.” He coined the term to describe his lifework as a shaman, chemist, composer, activist, cosmologist, wholistic health advocate, instrument inventor and musicologist. .Cohran developed an interest in music at an early age and during his education at Lincoln University, he was introduced to the musical concepts of a local group called The Blue Devils. The Blue Devils were some of the earliest contributors to Jazz who fused blues, African and classical to create a synergy called “swing,” and notable Blue Devils have included Count Basie and Miles Davis.

Cohran began his professional career as the leader of two important bands; Chuck Taylor’s Orchestra and The Raja’s of Swing. In 1953 Cohran moved to Chicago and began to perform with the Morris Ellis Orchestra and other various bands throughout the city. While in Chicago, John Gillmore a band mate of Sun Ra, introduced Kelan Phil Cohran to the Amen Ra of the galaxy and Cohran played the trumpet and zither with Sun Ra from 1958 to 1961 and composed “Dorothy’s Dance” which was featured on the Sun Ra album Holiday for the Soul Dancer.

Kelan Phil Cohran is one of the founders of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) and in 1966, he was commissioned by Oscar Brown Jr., to create twenty-two musical works set to the poems of Paul Lawrence Dunbar. Entitled, “Lyrics of Sunshine & Shadows,” the works were performed in more than 50 schools throughout Chicago and featured in an exhibit at the Children’s Expo held at the Museum of Science and Industry. Mr. Cohran also empowered African Americans by establishing, The Affro-Arts Theatre. Thanks in part to an endowment by Sammy Davis Jr., in addition to a community wide effort, an old movie house was refurbished which became an oasis for patrons and performers such as: Eartha Kitt, Muhammad Ali, Lerone Bennett, Jr., and Gwendolyn Brooks. The curriculum at the theatre was designed around language lessons in Hebrew, Swahili and Arabic; cultural classes and endeavored to address social issues which plagued the African American community.

More than sixty years after his career began, Kelan Phil Cohran continues to teach his original approach to music, all the while still captivating audiences around the globe. He mentored The Pharaohs(some of whom went on to become known as Earth, Wind & Fire), Kahil El Zabar, Patricia Ann Smith, BoBo Brown and Khari Lemuel, in addition to one very notable vocalist who benefited from his musical teaching and training, Chaka Khan. He has written the score for “African Skies” and produced several lectures and shows for the Adler Planetarium including: Benjamin Bannaker, Slavery and Astronomy and Metamorphosis: A History of Jazz. In 1994 Cohran was invited by the Chinese Minister of Culture to lecture and perform at the Conservatory of Traditional Music in Beijing and Xian and it was during that visit that the Chinese anointed Phil Cohran with the name ‘Kelan,’ which means Holy Scripture in Mandarin.

Joining in the Celebration! of Kelan Phil Cohran will be the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, eight brothers from the southside of Chicago who come from an extraordinary musical family(they all happen to be the sons of Kelan Phil Cohran) and have performed with such superstars as Mos Def and Erykah Badu. The group has come to be known as one of the hottest and most individual bands around. Also performing will be Aquilla Sadalla, who’s inspiring display of vocal ability is the result of many years of spiritual development and multi-disciplined study. She has appeared in such diverse venues as the Empty Bottle in Chicago, the Enjoy Jazz Festival in Aarhus, Denmark and Joe’s Public Theatre in New York City.

General admission to the Celebration! of Kelan Phil Cohran is $25 per person and $83 per person for VIP admission which includes assigned seating and a special gift. Tickets are available at the DuSable Museum of African American History and the event is being sponsored by WVON-AM Radio and United Airlines, the official airline of the DuSable Museum.
[Lavon Pettis/Twa ze Ma Pa]

2/07/09: where can i purchasea a copy of on the beach. my album (smile) is about 39 years old. i'm living in florida now and cultural is very hard to find. contact me at
[anwar shakeer 'aarif ]

where can purchase a copy of on the beach .my copy is about 39 years old with a lot of static. i need a cd copy
[anwar shakeer 'aarif]

Kelan Phil Cohran's 45 Years of Contributions to
Chicago's Cultural Community

Harpist, corninest, shaman, educator, health care advocate, instrument inventor (Frankiphone), violin uke, activist, and father.
Co founded the AACM (Advanced Association of Creative Musicians)
1961-62 implemented dietary & hair changes to reflect African consciousness
Urban Gateways—African American music lecture series
Lyrics of Sunshine & Shadows—with Oscar Brown, 21 Paul Lawrence Dunbar poems set to music for the express purpose of redefining the African-American dialect. (Accepted as the first public school performances series viewed by 250,000 CPS children at the Museum of Science and Industry 3 other public schools series—1. The Magic of Music (summer of 67), 2. Affro 3. DuSable of She Cha Go (69).
Cultural Explosion On the Beach Program facilitated with Betty Montgomery (drew 2,000 people to the Lakefront on the weekends
Affro-Arts Theater—first cultural house for the development of Black Culture Artistic Heritage Ensemble
December 69 launched the first Kwanzaa celebration in Chicago (large scale impact on national celebration of Kwanzaa)
Taught first Music theory classes at Malcolm X Community College
Introduced cultivation workshops in the county jails provided awards for poetry,
Taught at Dwight and Pontiac Department of Corrections
Reach Out Program with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Transitions East—Health Food Store
Black Musicians Workshops
Director of Artists for Washington (performed 35 events to elect Harold Washington for Mayor of Chicago*1 event raised $1,000,000 called the Winner's Circle
10 years of service at Corliss High School
Multi-Cultural Ensemble Co director with Dr. Sin-Yan Shen
1985 Duke Ellington Classics at the Chicago Jazz Festival
1988 Tribute to Sun Ra Chicago Jazz Festival
Black Cultural Celebrations at the Field Museum & Daley Center, 89 Honored at Howard University Melanin Conference (1990 Dallas, 1991 L.A., 92 Seattle, 94-04 Detroit)
Curator of special lectures for the Adler Planetarium (Benjamin Bannaker, Slavery and Astronomy, A Tribute to Sun Ra, and Metamorphosis: A History of Jazz).
Composer for "African Skies" ran for 10 years at the Adler Planetarium
Eternal Sound Family—free music lessons for youth at Apostolic Methodist Church
Artist in Residence Great Black Music Project, Northeastern Illinois University Jacob Carruthers Center (
Numerous TV & radio interviews to define Black culture & music
Made in Chicago Jazz Series Recipient Tribute to Sun Ra

[Twa Ze Ma Pu (Lavon Pettis)]

Please help Kelan Phil Cohran release music from his collection and archive his materials from his career. Funds from this collection will also be used for Kelan to travel abroad in 2009.

go to
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For Immediate Release
Kelan Zulu Ensemble,
Thomas White

The Jazz Institute of Chicago and
The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Present:

World Class Premier of the Kelan Zulu Rainbow Ensemble:
A Salute to Sun Ra
When: Thursday, August 14, 2008 6:30 p.m.
Where: Jay Pritzker Pavilion Millennium Park

Attention planet Earth....former Arkestra member and master teacher,
Astronomer and musician Kelan Phil Cohran leads and directs an
All-star ensemble of 30 musicians, dancers, and vocalists in a once in
A lifetime tribute to the late, great Sun Ra; many Chicago legends
Like Robert Irving III (who directs and performs on piano), Maggie
Brown and Aquilla Sadalla will be featured. The audience can also look
Forward to dynamic performances by The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Malik
and Cephus Cohran of Ultimate Image, as well as the "Bronzeville Diva"
Senebella. The choreography of Darlene Blackburn (Affro Arts Theater)
and Althea Teamer will also take part in this multi-dimensional
experience. Also featured will be A Spiritual Journey Percussion
Ensemble, an elaborate gathering of Chicago-based musicians, dancers,
Educators and instrument-makers that weave story-telling, song and
Dance into healing powers of sound. All converging on the Jay
Pritzker stage in Millennium Park, to pay tribute to Sun Ra and his
Highly advanced music and message.

Composer, pianist and poet Sun Ra's cosmic philosophy, rooted in the
swing music of Fletcher Henderson, led many to experiment with
Connecting new and old jazz traditions. The sound of Sun Ra often made
Use of large ensembles of 30 or more musicians, and spanned from
Ragtime to swing, be-bop to free jazz. Perhaps most important to
consider about this most universal display, in it's purest form, is
that it is more than just music. The music itself is an endless
journey of universal sound/language that Sun Ra revealed as The

Former Sun Ra band member, trumpeter, educator, composer and fellow
shaman Kelan Phil Cohran continues to speak to other worlds with this
music. Cohran was a trumpeter in Sun Ra's Myth Science Arkestra
between 1958 and 1961 and can be heard with The Arkestra on Rocket
Number Nine, Fate In A Pleasant Mood, Holiday For Soul Dance and We
Travel The Spaceways.

This event is presented by The Jazz Institute of Chicago and the
Department of Cultural Affairs. Admission is free.

[Lavon Pettis]





Remembering Harold Washington
Saturday, March 1, 2008 9:00 P.M.
Elastic Arts Foundation Studio
2830 N. Milwaukee, Chicago $10 donation

[Lavon of Sol Cyrans ]

If you want to correspond with Bro Phil in regards to booking or purchasing of music please email him at or

Lavon of Sol Cyrans (Liasion to Kelan Phil Cohran
[Kelan Zulu]

In collaboration with Mississippi Records in Portland, Ground Lift Magazine and Bro. Phil himself, his "Malcolm X Tribute" will be reissued on vinyl in late 2007. Stay Tuned!
[ground lift magazine]

Katalyst have re-issued Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble 'Malcolm X Memorial (A Tribute In Music)'. I didn't think music could get more magical than 'On The Beach', but this album is just as amazing, if not better. Thank you Mr. Cohran for two of the finest albums I've ever had the pleasure of hearing.

i was given a copy of 'on the beach' about a year ago. since then it has been a regular part of my listening rotation. i hope that one day i will be able to hear more from a man whom i consider to be one of the most thought-provoking musicians of the last 60 years.
[jeremy smith]

The "On the Beach" CD & LP are available - but in limited quantities. Please visit THANK YOU

I love Your music its great how yoyu can play everything!!!!!!!
[martina cohran]

It is so nice to finally see my father respected and appreciated for the hard work and committment that is central to the musical achievement that you experience when opening the door to his musical mind. Here's hoping that his craft will continue to blossom and be explored. My dad has over 1500 compositions that have yet to be heard by anyone outside of the family. My wish is that someday he will recieve the financial support to put these great works into production.

One of the most brilliantly crafted sound provocing external moves ive heard

I've just heard this album for the first time and I can't tell you how lovely and fresh it is.
Oh, how lovely and fresh it is!