John Coltrane
Kozmigroov Albums
A Love Supreme [Impulse!, 1964]
Cosmic Music [Impulse!, 1968]
Infinity [Impulse!, 1972]
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Perversely enough, my favorite late-period works are Interstellar Space, Expressions (understated & underrated, very kozmigroovy), and the outta control live sets In Seattle and In Japan. [JW]

If I haven't raved about Kulu Se Mama before, it's a really interesting piece of work. The title song is sort of a blueprint for Pharoah Sanders' trajectory after 'Trane hand percussion and chant-y vocals, an extended groove with peaks and lows, and a very Africany vibe. I think that track is also available on the domestic release The Major Works of John Coltrane. I wonder what happened to the song's percussionist singer after recording with JC... [ISH]

Late John Coltrane recommendations: Expressions, with that flute duet with him and Pharoah; and the really long versions of "Peace On Earth" on Live In Japan: the version with the terrific Alice piano solos in it being my fave of the two. Speaking of JC, the new complete Live at the Village Vanguard 1961 box has a couple cool versions of the song "India" with an oud droning in the background. [ISH]

Meditations and Sun Ship are two different beasts and two different bands entirely. Both are immaculate, though Sun Ship tantalizes us with what Trane would have sounded like if he had stuck with his 4tet. Stellar Regions and Sun Ship are two sides of the same coin, with Stellar Regions a slightly tentative version of his later rhythm section, and Sun Ship an out there version of his last. But for Kozmigroov, the LPs to get are Cosmic Music and Infinity, with Alice Coltrane pulling an Allan Douglas and overdubbing strings and other musicians. [DS]

I,d like to echo the comments here regarding Stellar regions & Sun Ship but would also add the unheralded Ole simply because the of the ultra cool double bass/cello work on the 18 min title track which takes the whole shebang time-scuttling into Islands-era King Crimbo. territory

I Host 88.9 Serious; Just finished "Coltrane the story of a sound"; I'm 60 and am listening to meditations while checking your site. Long live JC !
[Frank Consola]