Joe Chambers
Kozmigroov Albums
The Almoravid [Muse, 1973]
New World [Finite, 1976]
Double Exposure (with Larry Young) [Muse, 1978]
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New World has just been reissued by Porter Records in 2008. The reissue is a bare-bones digipack, but the sound is great and the album (which I'd not heard before I ordered it) is excellent.
[Matt Johnsen]

Joe Chambers' "New World" from 1976 is a decent slice of mid-70s jazz-funk in the Miles Davis mold. The album's production is a little glossy for my taste (please no more reverb) but certainly not yet in the disco mode of the late 70s or the "smooth" 80s.

Chambers' drumming is notably strong in the title track. Also "Rock Pile", another original, mucks about in 5/4, providing a platform for some over the top sax and guitar noodling. The album also features covers of Wayne Shorter and an enjoyable version of Herbie Hancock's "Blow Up" which is almost in Headhunters territory.

PS: a seller on GEMM has copies of this for $25 sealed, not a bad deal for a 30 year old private pressed jazz album.