Kozmigroov Albums
Postaeolian Train Robbery [EMI, 1974 (Musea CD)]
Viva Boma [EMI, 1976 (Musea CD)]
Babel [EMI, 1978]
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Babel is a lesser known album by the group, perhaps not as strong as their other two releases but with definite stand out tracks on there as well (you should hear 'Oostend, Oostend' Moulin's intro to that is just wicked groovy.) Babel was conceived a year or two after Viva Boma, it is a bit different in the way that it experiments more with the vocalist's voice. Many would rate Viva Boma over Babel because of it's overall splendidness, but never underestimate the power of a slept on album. The mood set on "Ostend Ostend" (Marc Moulin on the keys) is just overwhelmingly dark, which puts Pascale Son's voice in an amazing contrast. [TB]