Kozmigroov Albums
Catalyst [Muse, 1972]
Perception [Muse, 1973]
Unity [Muse, 1974]
A Tear And A Smile [Muse, 1975]
The Funkiest Band You Never Heard (CD compilation of the four Catalyst LPs) [32Jazz, 1999]
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The title [of The Funkiest Band You Never Heard] is misleading, as they cover the full spectrum of kozmik 70s jazz, from free to Strata/Black Jazz "spiritual"/meditative, to deep funk. A must-have. [JW]

Woah, Teh Rei, I said exactly the same thing. This is very potent stuff!!
[Tom (uk)]

Ile Ife from Perception: dynamite, spacy electric piano, straight ahead sax. recommended

somewhere, in the vinyl collection I am stewarding for my late brother-in-law are vinyl of Perception and Catalyst. Maybe even Unity. I wish I could find them. I wish I could hear them again. Thanks for the bits you have included in your mixes.

One of best spiritual jazz fusion groups ever. They changed the way I think about life. There are hidden secrets in these sounds
[Teh Rei]