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A Moog Mass [Kama Sutra, 1970]
Caldera [Capitol, 1976]
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These albums were conceived by two very different entities laying claim to the "Caldera" name. The intriguingly titled A Moog Mass was the brainchild of Robert Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil, who would later work together as TONTO and provide kozmik texturing for Stevie Wonder's funky pop expeditions. Too bad this album is such a dull proposition: it's exactly as described, a surprisingly long half hour of vocoded Latin text and Mooged baroque. Somewhere deep in the exotica camp, A Moog Mass might well be treasured but man, it sure ain't recommend for our purposes. Maybe I'm just too sensitive when it comes to Xtian doctrine but c'mon, even the Electric Prunes were occasionally funky. Still let's give it props for the truly unhinged cover pic of the Virgin Mary. The latter Caldera (on Capitol) is a Latin-jazz ensemble (without the Latin texts, natch.) The jacket also credits Raul De Souza on trombone and various Earth Wind & Fire members on "Positive Energy". Unfortunately this is mostly an unremarkable jazz/funk fusion (typical of the era) that remains quite earthbound for its entirety. I've seen at least one further release from this ensemble but didn't bother to bring it home. [DW]

I have all 4 CALDERA albums (vinyl); anyone interested?
email me at
- Caldera (first); as new! (bought it new)
- Sky Islands; acceptable (bought it used)
- DREAMER; as new! (bought it new when it was first released)
- TIME & SPACE; as new! (bought it new when it was first released)


Fernando is goofy. Sky Islands is fusion at its best.

Do you have Capitol's Caldera-Sky Islands on CD?
[Fernando E Doval]

Give Sky Islands a listen. If you can't find it, try the back door via Dianne Reeves. You can buy her recordings of Sky Islands and Ancient Source at various online sites.

If you want this "Sky Islands" from
Caldera...write me email to
We'll find a way, I' m right now
converting that piece into WAVE
he he he....Zee U

Unremarkable?? Earthbound?? Hey DW, don't you think your criticism about Caldera is a little bit presumptuous? Could you easily make better, with pencil and stave in your hands?
[MMG - Arimnum]

In the '80ies I had "Sky island" and i'm still lookin' around to find another copy! Simply fantastique! The first track was similar at several H.W.'n'F. moods, but featuring an incredible paradisiac feeling never hearded. A tune that music lovers have ab solutly to listen to. - I also have the second(?)album in my cantina, and that is pretty good too, but more introspective: the fusion's years came, and style more tecnique took over the absolute inspiration featured in the first(?) album. However, caldera are to listen to! However!
[MMG - Arimnum]

Ah,,, and don't forget from the Capitol Caldera - Time & Chance from '78 and Dreamer from '79. Both also worth a listen. Some smooth tendencies here & there, but still some 'tater now & then. Dreamer is my fav.
[Flip ]

I was loaned SKy Islands and returned it but the loaner lost it and never forgave me for it ( He loaned it to another person as well). It was a great album and I cannot find it anywhere ( Wax)