Kozmigroov Albums
Spectrum [Atlantic, 1973]
Crosswinds [Atlantic, 1974]
Total Eclipse [Atlantic, 1974]
Shabazz [Atlantic, 1975]
A Funky Thide of Sings [Atlantic, 1975]
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Billy Cobham's versatility and style-- nicely described by Jason Witherspoon as "full falling-down-the-stairs shambolic overdrive"-- led to appearances on an immense number of albums in the 70s. Not all are landmark recordings (there's a lot of CTI sides that I find difficult to justify), but his traps did propel some of the stronger sessions by Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Gil Evans, Larry Coryell, and of course, the first Mahavishnu Orchestra. Regarding his own solo joints, Spectrum is okay except that Tommy Bolin's wanky axe grinding tends to soil most of the cuts for me.  Much better were his albums which substituted Bolin with John Abercrombie and allowed Cobham to finally cast off the Mahavishnu speed demons:  Crosswinds, Total Eclipse and the best of the lot, the live Shabazz set.  While all of 'em will undoubtedly trigger fusion alarms in the more sensitive types, one can't deny that Shabazz gets fairly tasty when Randy Brecker launches into his spot-on "Miles-with-wah-pedal" impression.  Nice extended cuts with improved reworkings of Spectrum's "Red Baron" and "Taurian Matador."  A Funky Thide of Sings, while very slick, may well represent the funkiest of Billy Cobham's albums.  It's okay but not essential. [DW]

Ahem, you are overlooking INNER CONFLICTS (Atlantic '78) ! ! !
[(pv) [uzine]]

I think, that Tommy Bolin is the right Man at the right Place on Cobham`s Spectrum!! and I like Abercrombie as well.
[M. Rumpf]

To Jack: Puffin Stuff is on the CBS
Album "MAGIC" ( 1977 ). There is a Double-CD with "Magic" and Simplicity of Expression, Depth of Tought". Keep the Faith
Matthias Rumpf
[Matt Rumpf]

Cobham is the best drummer that I have ever seen or heard. Amazing.

Check out his two live concert DVDs. I like the one from Paris the best. He has a new one coming out next month.
[Jeff ]

Can you tell me which album, the song "puff n stuff" is on?

Crosswinds has one of the most haunting and memorable tracks on it called Heather with Duke and Brecker soloing.Two other noteable albums are Live(1981-Import)and Alivemutherforya.All three are great fusion with lots of fender rhodes,guitar,sax,and most of all....Cobham showing the world why he's rated one of the best drummers out there.
[John Milner]