Kozmigroov Albums
Afternoon of a Georgia Faun [ECM, 1970]
Geechee Reflections [Impulse!, 1973]
Sweet Earth Flying [Impulse!, 1974]
Vista [Impulse!, 1975]
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Afternoon of a Georgia Faun is sort of soundtrack music for a contemplative acid-soaked stroll through an equatorial jungle somewhere in the M31 star system, this reatures rattling swirls of trance-y percussion (Andrew Cyrille's on drums, though most everybody pitches in on hand perc at some point), periodic coils or wild bursts of horns (courtesy Brown, Maupin, and Anthony Braxton), totally zoned female vocals (Jeanne Lee and Gayle Palmore), plucked or weird-modal piano (from a pre-scientology, pre-Braxton Chick Corea), other folks (several non-musicians playing Brown's homemade perc instruments) helping out on various organic weirdness across 2 sidelong tracks.  A very transporting thing, though it don't groove at all. [KM]

Agree with the previous reviewer's comments on 'Georgia Faun', which is really a pretty avant-garde record (and with no apparent connection to Debussy, even in general atmosphere, as the title might have lead you to believe).
'Geechee Reccollections' (not Reflections, as this webpage states) perfectly captures that hazy, slightly indolent feel of a sweltering late summer down in the deep south. It features a couple of great groove cuts, and the wonderfully atmospheric 'Karintha', with narration by the sonorous-voiced Bill Hasson (who also provides some narration on a cut from Archie Shepp's 'There's a Trumpet in My Soul').
'Sweet Earth Flying' seems to take its cue more from Miles Davis' spacey 'In a Silent Way', with lovely, rich, tinkling electric pianos, and slow, unwinding tracks.