Kenny Barron
Kozmigroov Albums
Sunset To Dawn [Muse, 1973]
Peruvian Blue [Muse, 1974]
Lucifer [Muse, 1975]
Innocence [Wolf, 1978]
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The first track on each side of Peruvian Blue is classic, just bordering on Kozmigroovy. [DS]

Sunset To Dawn - Sublime 70s work from Kenny Barron a record that really has him stretching out strongly from his roots in the 60s, and sounding almost even more inventive than on some of his later material as well! Kenny's playing a fair bit of keyboards on the set showing a wonderful sensitivity for electric modes, in ways that are quite different than some of his contemporaries very cool, and often spacey, but in really unique sort of ways! Acoustic piano figures into the mix as well and is layered beautifully along contributions from group members who include Bob Cranshaw on bass, Freddy Waits on drums, Warren Smith on vibes, and Richard Landrum on percussion a hornless but very full sounding group.

Another essential KB lp is 'Innocence' which features a killer 12 minute version of 'Sunshower' (Byron Morris & Unity covered this) and the Sonny Fortune made famous 'Bacchanal'. Jimmy Owens, Sonny Fortune and Billy Hart are all guesting.
[JC - Here & Now Recordings]

One of the most inspiring pianists. Mr. Barron's fender rhodes playing is outstanding. Deep Kozmi Vibes.
[Teh Rei]