Kozmigroov Albums
The Third World [Flying Dutchman, 1969]
Fenix [Flying Dutchman, 1972]
El Pampero [Flying Dutchman, 1972]
Under Fire [Flying Dutchman, 1973]
Bolivia [Flying Dutchman, 1973]
Yesterdays [Flying Dutchman, 1974]
El Gato [Flying Dutchman, 1975]
Chapter One - Latin America [Impulse, 1973]
Chapter Two - Hasta Sempore [Impulse, 1973]
Chapter Three - Viva Emiliano Zapata [Impulse, 1974]
Chapter Four - Alive in New York [Impulse, 1975]
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The Third World is his first "latin" free jazz attempt, and to my ears it's more '69 free than 70's Latin like the Impulses.  The material is South American, including a Piazzola piece enigmatically titled "Tango" (did Piazzola ever write a piece called "tango" or is this just inspired by Astor so Gato called it that?  I find it hard to believe that the tango god wrote a tune called "Tango."  Did Parker ever do "Be-bop?"), but the playing is mostly straight ahead freeish jazz, with one soung getting a real Latin beat.  I like this, but it doesn't really sate that unique jones for skronkin' and groovin' that the other Gatos do. El Pampero does massage massage my brain just right, adding two percussionists to the mix and a heavy Latin beat underpinning Gato's squeals and generally more "in" playing.  This is just an excellent album documenting the same kind of material heard on the Chapter series but for a smaller ensemble. Very melodic, rhythmic and energetic and enough overblowing to keep me all jazzed up. Yesterdays is a good session also, from 1974.  More laid back and melodic, but with some nice tunes featuring electric guitar work. Chapter One: Latin America is amazing.  Latin groove, but not at all smooth; very primitive and churning.  The beat is carried by percusionist, but as much by the acoustic guitar.  Plenty of chanting, flutes, guitar and Gatos overblown sax lines.  On these albums Gato's playing seems very straight forward, except that it's all in the overblown register, which adds nicely to the curning, earthy cosmic feel.  If it's cosmic, it's like they're worshiping the earth gods, not the sky gods. Chapter Two continues in this style, but are a little more smooth.  Still very good though.  Chapter Three: Viva Emiliano Zapata is like a complete right turn.  A very, to my ears strange, but enjoyable mix of Gato's overblown sax and smooth, discoy latin orchestra; pretty swinging but I can't get the Love Boat theme out of my head while I listen to it.  Very good at parties, if you like that acid jazz/swing vibe but can't stand the innocuousness of most of it. [MC]

El Gato is another Flying Dutchman collection from Under Fire and Bolivia with one previously unreleased track, namely the title cut, which is a classic 12 minute plus Barbieri burner, written and orchestrated by Oliver Nelson, who also plays alto sax on that track. El Gato is definitely worth owning on the strength of that cut alone! Among the Impulse! lps Chapter Four: Live In New York is perhaps the weakest. Worth having, of course (Gato's sax playing is as impressive as ever), but the album as a whole is perhaps not as convincing as the earlier Impulse! recordings. [DN]

Both Bolivia and Under Fire have stellar lineups (Abercrombie, Mtume, Stanley Clarke, Airto, LL Smith) and are fine examples of Gato's melodic Latin skronk. While the title cut on Bolivia is topnotch k-groov, neither album really smokes in the same manner as the live El Pampero set. [DW]

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