Gary Bartz
Kozmigroov Albums
Libra [Milestone, 1967]
Another Earth [Milestone, 1968]
Home [Milestone, 1969]
Harlem Bush Music - Taifa [Milestone, 1970]
Harlem Bush Music - Uhuru [Milestone, 1971]
Juju Street Songs [Prestige, 1972]
Follow The Medicine Man [Prestige, 1973]
I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies [Prestige, 1973]
Singerella: A Ghetto Fairy Tale [Prestige, 1974]
The Shadow Do [Prestige, 1975]
Music Is My Sanctuary [Capitol, 1975]
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Got the Bartz 2fer of Libra and Another Earth. On first listen, found the less "out" Libra the more enjoyable of the two-- neither are very electric, but AE is quite free, w/ Pharoah on the 23 minute title cut. Really shouldn't even be writing about it yet as I've only heard it at work, but the more trad Libra seems to feature Bartz's fluid melodic alto lines to better effect than the more self-consciously "out" work of Another Earth. I guess Bartz is just an earthy dude (see the funkyass Ntu Troop albums for further verification), despite his air sign. [JW]

In the double-LP "Live at Montreux" series, I'm fond of Gary Bartz's I've Known Rivers which combines some electric styles with more straightahead modal and even completely free stuff - his singing on the title track I find very charming because he's kind of not that good a singer - no ersatz-slick stylings, just a really honest sounding setting of a Langston Hughes poem with very lyrical sax-playing. [BB]

on which album is track Disjunction (duration of track?), left off due to lack of space from libra/another earth and where i could find or download it?