Carla Bley
Kozmigroov Albums
Elevator Over The Hill [JCOA, 1971]
Tropic Appetites [Watt, 1974]
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Tropic Appetites was sort of EOTH's successor in a much less sprawling way - Tropic Appetites doesn't have a lot of overt drone elements but has a lot to recommend it - for me the presence of Julie Tippetts on vocals is reason enough to own anything (I have Working Week records!), but there's also some blistering Gato Barbieri playing - also on the record is a viola player called Toni Marcus who I'm guessing is the same as Antoinette Marcus who has been credited as a later member of LaMonte Young's Theatre of Eternal Music but no one seems to know anything about her. [BB]

Tonee Marcus played with bell and tamboura musician Jan Bright with Peter Hartman, and in dozens of live and media performances in Venice, CA and SF and Berkeley CA. Jan Bright managed Tonee Marcus with Van Morrison in two European Tours, one U.S. Tour and the Warner Brothers Album "Into The Music" in 1979 featuring "It's All in the Game" (Van and Tonee style) and "Bright Side of the Road" attibuted to Jan Bright. Both Jan Bright and Tonee Marcus studied North Indian Music with Ali Akbar Khan. (aka Toni or Jack Benny tv fame)(now Talia Toni in the state of Washington)
[Jan Bright]

Talia is giggin', teaching and developing a unique music community on Whidbey Island at Click Music in Oak Harbor, WA. She can be reached (360)675-5544.

Wouldn't it be "Escalator Over the Hill" instead of "Elevator.."?

Under the name, Richard Youngstein, i was active during the 60's-80's in nyc avante circles and played with the amazing toni marcus many times; including her being guest artist with my "erotic zone" ensemble for several radio performances under the guidance of michael cuscuna out here in LA around 1988 or so. She has "morphed" into Talia Toni Marcus and I'd sure love to know how to reach her. Blessings to all.
[Dr. Noah Young]

This "Toni Marcus" sounds like the Toni Marcus who appeared with Jack Benny on his TV show, who performed with him at the old Carousel theater-in-the-round in West Covina, California, and who attended UC Riverside in 1967.

Talia Toni Marcus (violin, viola)
Talia Toni Marcus, a concert violinist and composer, has composed for film, television and theatre, and recorded with numerous outstanding classical, jazz and rock performers. Her classical training and improvisational skills have been influenced by studies with Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Pran Nath and time spent in the Jazz & Rock music world. She received "Most Valuable Player of the Year Award" for her work with Van Morrison in the late 70's including the CD "Into the Music".

Credits: She has recorded and played with Pavoratti, Kenny G., Ornette Coleman, Jermaine Jackson, Carla Bley's Jazz Composers Orchestra, The New American Orchestra, and was the featured soloist on the film score for An Officer and a Gentleman.
Talia has received artist-in-residence grants from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, Scola Sperimental in Rome, and American Student Center in Paris.


toni marcus was a child prodegy who appeared on the Burns and Allen show in the 1950s.