Tony Allen
Kozmigroov Albums
Jealousy/Progress [Strut, 1975/1977]
No Accomodation For Lagos/No Discrimination [Strut, 1979]
Black Voices [Comet, 1999]
Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble [Comet, 2001]
Home Cooking [Comet, 2002]
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The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble features work by drummer Tony Allen -- the now-legendary drummer for Fela's group during the 70s -- plus a number of other recent French musicians who are very into Allen's modern brand of Afro Funk, a fusion of older funky styles with some of the more expansive dancefloor styles of recent years, served up with the hip edge we've come to expect from the genre-busting projects on the Comet label! [DustyGroove]